Amite County, Mississippi, 1699-1890

3 volumes, 1948-1947,
by Casey, Albert E. 

Published by Amite County Historical Fund, Birmingham, Alabama.
Out of print. Available on interlibrary loan through LSU-Baton Rouge.
Contains extensive information about families in Amite and Wilkinson Counties; marriages in Amite, Wilkinson, Franklin, Pike (selected)MS, St.Helena, East Feliciana, LA; wills, probates, deed records, orphan's court records, family date on Brixie & Maxey, Casey,  Earle,  Easley, Elkins,  George, Hurst, Jordan, Lea,  Newsom, O'Keefe, Powell,  Seale, Strickland, Taylor,  Travis, and many others.
[Submitted by Pat Ezell]
Biographical and Historical memoirs of Mississippi Reprint of the 1891 Edition; The Reprint Company, Publishers, Spartanburg, South Carolina, 1978
Curtis' "Lingering Shadows" and Circle of Related Families.

Curtis, Jack. 


Jack Curtis, 2521 Mourning Dove, Greenville, MS  38701.
Descendants of the Richard Curtis, Sr. Family including Christmas, Courtney, Cole, Dearmond, Dove,  Hand, Hill, Joy, Pennington, Perkins, Stampley, Tidwell, Stampley.
[Submitted by Pat Ezell]
Descendants of the Jersey Settlers, Volume III $50.00 each. 
Make checks available to "Jersey Settlers, Volume III," and mail to Jim Swayze, P.O. Box 550456, Dallas, TX 75355-0456
Descendants of Jersey Settlers
Genealogy of Wilkinson and Kindred Families

Wilkinson, M.M., compiler.

Shelby Book Store, Shelby, MS, Publishers, c1949.
[Submitted by Pat Ezell]
History of Mississippi

Roland, Dunbar, LL.D; 

Chicago-Jackson, The S. J. Clarke Publishing Company, 1925
Index to Mississippi - Louisiana Border Country. 

Logan, Marie T., compiled by Ann Beckerson Brown

Claiborne-Jefferson Genealogical Society, c/o Harriett Person Memorial Library, P.O. Box 1017, Port Gibson, MS  39150.  $3.50  or from the Old Capitol Museum Shop, Jackson, MS, $5.00.
[Submitted by Pat Ezell]
Mississippi-Louisiana border Country: A History of Rodney, Miss., St. Joseph, La., and Environs. 

Logan, Marie T.

Revised 2nd, Edition. Baton Rouge, Claitor's Publishing Division, c1980.  Claitor's Publishing Division, 3165 South Acadian at I-10, P.O. Box 3333, Baton Rouge, Louisiana 70821
Contains information on Jefferson County, MS,  Rodney, Bruinsburg, Lorman, MS Territory-1799, Greenville, Fayette, Union Church, MS; Grand Gulf, Port Gibson, Claiborne County, MS; Tensas Parish, LA and many  churches, schools,  steamboats,  plantations and families in these areas.  Some surnames mentioned include: Allen, Alston, Alsworth, Anderson, Archer, Armstrong, Arnold, Ashley, Baker, Banks, Barland, Batchelor, Baxter, Beck, Bemis, Berger, Black, Blanton, Blennerhasset, Blomart, Bowie, Brady, Brashear, Brooks, Brown, Bufkin, Bullen, Burch, Callender, Cameron, Cammack, Chamberlain, Chance, Clark, Coleman, Cox, Crane, Daniell,  Darden, Davenport, Davidson, Davis, Decell, Dent, Dow, Drake, Farley, Fentress, Ferguson, Foreman, George, Gilchrist, Green, Griffing, Guthrie, Harper, Harrison, Herring, Holmes, Humphreys, Hunt, Hurley, Jackson, Jones, Ker, Killingsworth, Logan, Lombardo, Lyman, Magruder, McAdams, McBride, McDonald, McGill, McLaurin, Miller,  Nutt, Prentiss, Ross, Routh, Rucker,  Sanguletti, Scott, Skinner, Smith,  Stowers, Sutton, Taylor, Thompson, Torrey, Trimble, Truly, Walley, Watson, Whitney, Williams, Winkler, Wood, and Wright.
[Submitted by Pat Ezell]
Mississippi Marriages

Adams County Mississippi Marriages 1799-1900

Amite County Mississippi Marriages 1805-1900 

Claiborne County Mississippi Marriages 1816-1900 

Franklin County Mississippi Marriages 1820-1900

Jefferson County Mississippi Marriages 1805-1900

(Pub 2007) by Ann Allen Geoghegan, aka AnnieG.


"I have tried to keep the cost low by printing these as coil-bound paperback.
"They are also available for download in PDF format at a reduced cost. 
"Claiborne and Jefferson County Marriages are next on my list and should be available in time for Christmas gift giving. Future volumes will be Adams County and Harrison, Hancock and Jackson Counties on the Coast.

"Please let me know if you have any problems with ordering or your purchase."

Natchez Before 1830. 

Polk, Noel, editor. 


Jackson, MS, University Press of Mississippi, c1989.
Contents:  Chronology of Natchez; Natchez Indians and the Remains of a Proud Past;  Natchez in French Louisiana and Chateaubriand's Epic, The Natchez; 
Some Sources of Pre-1830 Natchez History in Spanish Archives;  The Natchez Trace Collection; Mapping the Foundations of the Old Natchez District: The Wilton Map of 1774;  "The Remotest Corner":Natchez on the American Frontier; The Aesthetics of Everyday Life in Old Natchez; Education in Natchez before 1830; The Architecture of Natchez before 1830.
[Submitted by Pat Ezell]
(The) Natchez Trace Collection

Purchased in 1985 from a private collector in Mississippi. (450 linear ft of documents)
Thanks to Sandra Cook for submitting this information!

Copies 75 cents each, plus $6.00 p/h. All info on how to order may be obtained by e-mail. 
University of Texas


Basil G. Kiger Papers
Chamberlain-Hyland-Gould Papers 
Wm. L. Sharky Papers
Crutcher-Shannon Papers 
Judge John Dutton Papers
J. J. Cowan Papers
John J. Bowie Papers
DR. Rowland Chambers Collection
Vick Family Papers
Austin Family Collection
John McKowen Papers
Abram Barnes Papers 
General John Wills 
Esteban Minor
Stephen Duncan
Wm J. Voss
Gov. Jphn A. Quitman
Robert H. Adams
J. B. Maxwell
George Winchester And Josiah
Richard T. Archer
Gabriel Tichenor
James C. Wilkins
"Colonial Archives" 
"The Bank of Mississippi" 
Financial Records of Prominent People
Natchez Trace Steamboat Collection 
Slavery Collection 1790-1860 
Civil War and Reconstruction 1860 
Business Collection1790-1900 Photograph Collection 1855-1900 
Sheet Music Collection 1840-1900 Newspaper Collection 1806-1938 Pamphlet Collection 1790-1900 

Ephemera Collection1800-1890

News From Rodney, 1834-1840

Cotton, Gordon A.

Notices of Historical and Genealogical Interest from the Newspaper at Rodney, Miss., also, twenty-one rare photographs of the old river town.  Printed by Keith Printing Company, Inc., Raymond, Mississippi, c1987.    Gordon A. Cotton, Old Capitol Museum Shop, Vicksburg, MS.
[Submitted by Pat Ezell]
The Guice Family in America.

Short, Mrs. Hazel S. (Mrs. Melvin B.)

Sterlington, LA, 1970
[Submitted by Anthony Miller]
The Journal of Wilkinson County History, Vol. 1, Cemetery Records

Gross, Mrs. Jamves V. and Miss Marion Miles.

March 1990, Woodville Civil Club, Inc., in cooperation with the Wilkinson County Historical Society.  March 1990, Woodville, Mississippi.   May be Purchased through the Wilkinson County Museum, Courthouse Square, P.O. Box 1055, Woodville, MS  39669.  $25.00 plus $2.50 postage.
[Submitted by Pat Ezell]
The Natchez Court Records, 1767-1805

McBee, May Wilson, compiler. 

Abstracts of Early Records.  Baltimore, Genealogical Publishing Co., Inc, 1979.
[Submitted by Pat Ezell]
The Old Southwest 1795-1830
Frontiers in Conflict
Paperback, 335 pgs (including index), It has a wonderful bibliography.  Published by University of Oklahoma Press, 1989
[Submitted by Don Etheridge]
The Order of the First Families of Mississippi 1699-1817 Edwards Brothers, Inc., Ann Arbor, Michigan, 1981
The Van Norman Family; Some Descendants of Joseph Van Norman and Elizabeth Wayburn/Wyburn with particular emphasis on The descendants of Aaron Van Norman and Lucretia Woodward of Amite County, Mississippi. 

Wallis, Betty McCurley and Lois Hayes Culver. 

[Submitted by Pat Ezell]
The Van Norman Genealogy: Descendants of Joseph and Elizabeth (Wybern) Van Norman, 1762-1996. 

Pettit, Sherri. 

c1996.  $30.00.
Sherri Pettit, London, Ontario.
      Includes detailed information about the Van Normans of Canada as well as the Hiram Van Norman family who settled in Liberty, Amite County, MS.
[Submitted by Pat Ezell]
The Woodville Republican: Mississippi's Oldest Existing Newspaper. 

Wiese, O'Levia Neil Wilson, 

Abstracts of items appearing the newspaper of genealogical interest including legal notices, runaway slaves, marriages, deaths, religious and community events, court proceedings, legal disputes, estate and tax sales, military appointments, elections, epidemics, murders and suicides, etc. 
Heritage Books, Inc., 1540E Pointer Ridge Place, Bowie, MD 20716,
   Vol. 1 - Dec 18, 1823 - Dec. 17,1839    c1990
   Vol. 3 - Jan. 8, 1848-Jan 9, 1855 (1849 issues missing)  c1992
   Vol. 4 - June 22, 1878 - Dec. 25, 1880    c1994
   Vol. 5 - Jan. 1, 1881- Dec 22, 1883     c1996 
[Submitted by Pat Ezell]

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