Gov. Winthrop Sargent
9 September, 1798

    Until the appointment of Federal judges, the Conservators of the Peace were granted power to examine felonies and commit offenders, and appoint constables.  They were authorized to administer oaths of allegiance, but only until 30 october, 1798.

    CLARK, Daniel
    DUNBAR, William
    GAILLARD, Isaac
    ELLIS, John
    McINTOSH, James
    SMITH, Philander
    WILKINS, Thomas
    HOWARD, Joshua
    CALVIT, Joseph
    WEST, Cato, Esq.
    GIBSON, Samuel, Esq.
    BRASHEARS, Tobias, Esq.

    Sheriffs were extended power to quell riots and affrays, and to commit to prison all persons offending in their view.

    EVANS, Lewis - Sheriff for Lower District
    FERGUSON, William, Sheriff for Upper District


Source:  Mississippi, by J. M. Chilton, appearing in Debow's Review, Volume II, Issue 3;Published by J. D. B. DeBow, New Orleans, Sept. 1851

Prepared for Early SW MS Territory by Ellen Pack.

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