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ca 1740 - 1818 Settled: Thompson's Creek in Wilkinson County Rachel John;
William Jr;
Came to the Natchez District from Hancock County GA. 
Son John served in 
War of 1812.
Early MS Tax Rolls.  US Land Patent (Certificate
No. 27, 4-1040-R).  Wilkinson County Deed Book A-397; Wilkinson County
Probate Minutes Book 1-028, 029, 030, 031
John Cain Home Page
Robert Smith
July 1, 1783 - 
August 10, 1830
In 1815 he purchased 
158.5 acres in 
Township 11 North,
Section 8, Range 5E in the Washington District;
Caldwell was in Claiborne Co. prior
to February 15, 1814. Believed to
have arrived in 
1812. Came from Kentucky
Mary "Polly";
Married in
Livingston Co., 
KY  July 30, 1805
Son of Gen. John C. Caldwell (former LT. Governor of KY.);
Served in Capt. Francis Wood's company of infantry, MS Militia in 1815. 
In 1815 camped near New Orleans;
- George Shirley -
Alexander Denny
b. abt.1755; 
d. 1818/19
He either preceeded the New Jersey Settlers to Jefferson County in 1772 or came with them. The following information is documented : Census - Tax Rolls : 1) The Territorial Papers of the U.S.  The Territory of Mississippi 1798-1817. Vol. 5, Washington.DPO. 1937-38.PP114 Appears the name of Alexander Callender.(2. Real & Personal tax Rolls (treeitorial) Jrefferson Co., Msyears of 1803 and 1805, listed
Alexander Callender.3). Secretatry of State, MississippiTerritorial & State Census, Records for Jefferson Co., Ms. lists Alexander Callender 1805.Graveyard-Church: Elders of the first Presbyterian Church organized.(1803)ALexander Callender gave the land and it was called
"Callender's Meeting House". On the Southern bank of Cole's Creek, in
sight of the road from Port Gibson to Natchez, in a cluster of beautiful
trees, now lost to decay, but the graveyard is preserved with stones
engraved with precious names which are doubtless written in the Book of
Life. Natchez Court Records 1767-1805. May Wilson McBee, Page 392. Copy
in file . Land Claim: Book B. Claim # 459. Certificate A-245, May 25, 1805. I could go on and on but it seems no one doing the work on this site has ever heard of him . He is the beginning of all Callenders in Mississippi through his children. He married Mary Coleman, Daughter of Jeramiah & Hannah Coleman, aslo waas Grandaughter of Samual Swayze. Why this information on the man has not been made public in beyond my mind.  He is quoted any many articles as being a witness or executor to various wills.Their children were Alexander D. Callender, Jr.; Stephen L.
Callender; Lydia Callender; Ester Callender; Ephraim Callender; Charity
Callender; He was buried in West Feliciana, LA.
Mary Coleman, daughter of Jeramiah & 
Hannah Coleman
Alexander Denny,Jr.;
Stephen L.;
Not known unless a part time attorney,No military service known, except that Alexander,Jr. and Stephen , 2 sons fought in the War of 1812.  He obviously was Presbyterian. Census - Tax rolls 1798-1817, Vol.5Real & Personal Tax Rolls (territorial) Jefferson Co., Ms.1803 and 1805
Secretary of State, Mississippi Territorial & State Census Records for
Jefferson Co., Ms. 1805;
History of the New Jersey Settlers,PP. 176-177;  Marriage: From SLC FHL Film # 875441;  Qiut Deed signed by Elizabeth(2nd wife) to Stephen & Alexander- Records found on file in St. Francisville, La. Courthouse.
Land: American State Papers, Public Lands, Vol. II, Abstract A, page 778.
Spanish Patent, dated 18 Jul 1794. They settled on part of a British grant issued to Capt.Amos Ogdenin 1767. Agter Spanish re-occupation in 1779 all settlers had to obtain Spanish Grants. Alexander Callender obtained his grant in Township 8N-R1W. This was in Uniontown in Jefferson Co.20 March, 1804. Cert. A-243, to claimant for 280 arpents. May 1805.  Claim as above . Book C Claim #785
Claude Callender -
1745 - Aug. 1819 Saint Catherines Creek 1785. Donated land for
Washington, MS and 
Fort Dearborn.
1st unknown - 2nd Sidney Adair John;
Martha (Patsy);
Revolutonary War Veteran, served as Lieutant with George Rogers Clark in the Northwest Territories. Appointed Captain of Foot by Governor
Sargent in the Mississippi Militia in 1798. Appointed Justice of Peace in lower district 
in 1798 by Governor Sargent. He was a 
planter and landowner.
"Colvett Family Chronicles" Latayne Colvett Stanfill. Pages 348 - 354;
"Revolutionary War Records" Vol. I, Brumbaugh, Marcus; p. 542;
"Natchez Court Records, Book A, Claim No. 118", McBee, May Wilson, p.
"Minutes of the Quarter Session of the Peace, 1799-1801," Transcripts of County Archives of Adams County, MS, p. 8;
"History of Mississippi the Heart of the South, Vol. I", pp. 354-355;
Rowland, Dunbar.
"Natchez Court Records, Book C" pp.269, 270, 466, 321, 153 and 154
"Biographical and Historical Memoirs of Mississippi, Vol. I," p. 555;
"Mississippi Genealogial Exchange", Vol II, No. 2. (1956, June), pp. 22-
24. Allen County Public Library, Fort Wayne, Indiana;
Edwin B. Calvit -
b. ca 1784 In Franklin Co. 
by 1810
Rhoda William
b. 23 May 1812, 
Franklin Co.;
John Brown;
Mary L.;
Charles C.;
Joseph T.;
- 1810 Tax record; census for 1820, 
1830, 1840, 1850;
Amite Co. Marrage record for William (Married 18 Feb 1835);
Family Histories;
Sandra Vossler -
John L.
b. 09/24/1757, SC 
d. Dec. 1822
Just north of 
Woodville on 
Buffalo Creek 
in 1811
Mary Fannon Anna
b.3/26/1786, d. Aft 10/19/1852;
Jasper S. M. 
b.07/17/1790, d.03/08/1851;
b.04/30/1792, d. Aft 11/22/1845;
John Lewis William 
b.05/28/1795, d.1833;
Charles Agustus
b. 04/25/1797, d.08/23/1829;
David Fannon 
b. 08/29/1799, d. 02/09/1831;
Mary Ann Elizabeth 
b. 08/20/1802, d.01/29/1892;
John Lewis Coon 
fought in the Rev. 
War under the 
command of Col.
William Thompson's 
regiment of rangers, 
South Carolina
The Swiss Connection - 
Hans Casper Kuhn 
1713 -1792
by Gwendolyn Pryor;
Wilkinson County 
Court House Records;
Wilkinson County 
Cemetary Records;
Wilkinson County 
Marriage Records;
Wilkinson County 
Land Records
C. Wayne Coon -
1740-1819 Wilkinson Co, MS
sometime after his service in the Revolutionary War from PA.  He was unmarried and left his considerable estate to the descendants of his three married sisters who preceeded him in death.
From the Territorial Papers, Missisippi Territory we find the following:
" at a large meeting of the citizens of Wilkinson County M. T. of upwards
of five hundred at the town of Woodville on the twenty fifth July, convened for the purpose of considering the measure of the General
Government in relation to the war against Great Britian; John Coulter
Esqr.war  agai John Coulter Esqr. was called to the Chair..."
John had extensive holdings in Wilkinson Co.
Unmarried None
- Court documents and Probabe Records in Wilkinson County, Revolutionary War Pension Records, various archives Elton Lacey Home Page
Needham M. 
b 1790 Dobbs Co NC 
to Needham and Phebe
d 1869 Amite Co MS.
1808 -
Was living in Barnwell Co SC by 1799.  Left Barnwell Co SC in 1808 and travelled with his oldest brother, Hardy Coward to MS Territory.  "Monday 12 Dec 1808--one passport for Hardy
Coward and his family through the Creek Nation." 
1785-1809, ISSUED BY GOVERNORS OF GEORGIA, pps 50 & 268.
Nancy Hadley STONE;
21 Dec. 1815
in Amite Co MS; 
On  27 Dec 1811 both Needham COWARD 
& brother Hardy  signed the PETITION TO CONGRESS BY INHABITANTS OF THE TERRITORY asking to be admitted in the union as a free, sovereign, and independent state;
See above;
1816 MS Territory Census;
Ruth Coward Cunningham -
1779-1847 Settled in Wilkinson County along Buffalo River about 1811; moved to Amite County about 1820 Sabrina Glanton Angelina Roach Cox; 
Margaret Murrath Cox;
Henry Carlton Cox;
James Alfred Cox;
Nancy Cason Cox;
Julia Ann Cox;
Lucinda and Lucinthia
Cox (twins);
Came to Natchez District from Edgefield District of South Carolina.  Son Henry served in Mexican War. Early Tax Rolls of Wilkinson County; Mississippi Territorial and State Census. Early probate records John Cain Home Page
ca. 1750-1804 Bayou Pierre, Mississippi  1780 Mary (nee) Dyson John;  Listed as only heir in "Early Mississippi Settlers" Filed claim for land in 1804, shown as over 21 years of age in 1804. Claim was for grant from British Headquarters , Florida
Patriot Rev. War from
Rev. War Patriot from;
Salisbury/Burke County , NC
Descendants of John Crunkleton;
Marriage records of James and Mary Dyson Crunkleton-possibly Burke County, N. C.;
H. E. Cruncleton -

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