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d while living in 
Jefferson Co., MS
Arrived in Natchez from unknown area about 1780.  Mary Gibson Mary (Polly) m Samuel Brannan);
Sarah m John Bradshaw;
Rosanna m Joseph F. Henderson;
James G. Eliz Lick Morris;
Nathaniel never married;
Cynthia m Michael Hooter;
Letitia m Thomas Norris & Tho Vaughn;
Mercy m John Carnahan;
Elizabeth m Charles Perkins;
Thomas never married;
A planter in Natchez Area. 
Served in the Continental Line, the 3rd SC Regiment headed by Col. William Thompson for which service he received pay from 20 April 1777 to 1 Feb 1780.  A number of females have qualified for the DAR based on Harrison's Service.  Among them is Mrs. Cecilia Lewis Thomas, National Membership No. 668065
In Adams County Records, Deed Record Bood H, Page 383, Harrison prepared a document contemplating mg to Sarah PERKINS.  The purpose of the document was to protect his children's
inheritances.  He names each of his children and the husbands' name of
each of his daughters.
When his will was probated in Concordia Parish, LA, each of his children were again named, and including a new son Thomas Harrison, by his wife, Sarah Perkins.  See File 341 A.
Harold C. Fisher -
b ca 1753 Wilkinson Co., MS
by 1807
- James;
Polly (DAVIS); 
Elizabeth (McKIM);
Revolutionary soldier;
ferry operator;
"Theophilus HICKMAN along with William, Nathaniel and another Theophilus HICKMAN, are listed on the Territory Tax Rolls of Wilkinson Co., Miss. for 1807.  He is listed as having received 800
arpets (French measure, Ed.) of land (American State Papers - Claims in
LA and MO) in Bois Brute, Horse Island, 3 miles from
Mississippi River which he had inhabited in 1803."  Taken from, "Stripes", Vol. XII, Sept. 1973, No. 3 in article entitled, "Theophilus
HICKMAN, Revolutionary Soldier Buried in Texas" by Mrs. V. G. GILLETTE
for the American Revolution Bicentennial Commission of Texas.
Bonnie Palmer -
1768-1847 Natchez, Adams Co., MS, About 1790 Sarah Ford William, 
Jeanette, Minerva O.,
Andrew Jackson, Gibson S., 
Francis Marion, 
George F.M.
Farming Passport issued by Gov. of Georgia to his brother, Ayres Holliday, to travel through the Indian Territory to collect money from his brother, John, Per the "Georgia Society, Daughters of the American Revolution", published in 1941, And listed in the Spanish
Census of 1792 as Juan Holloday, in "District of Second and Sandy Creek".
Charles H. Webb -
1727-1787 English Grant, 450 acres, 
7 miles east of Ft. Natchez,
Mary Barbara Kemble Michael K. b 1755, m Nancy Lovelace;
Mary b 1758, m John Louis LaCaoix;
Elizabeth b1762 m John Baptiste Young;
Joseph b 1765 m Sarah Clark;
Phillipe Joseph b 1767 m Genevieve Guillory;
Louis b 1771 m Maria Louise Valdrick;
Jacques b 1774;
Marie Josephe b 1776;
Farmer, Roman Catholics. 
The parents were natives 
of Germany and arrived 
in PA in 1751;
See the original English landgrant, located in MS
Vol V, for a narrative by Edward Mease on his travels to the Natchez area
during 1770-71.  He visited with MICHAEL HOODER, his wife and five children.  The immigrant died about 1787 in the Rapides District of LA.  The widow and children are listed in the succession papers of Avoyelles Parish. 
Harold C. Fisher -
1790-1861 1818 Adams County Julia Ann Seibee, Sibby Thaddeus;
Elizabeth Mildred;
Harriet A.;
Julia Amelia;
Stephen Alfred;
War of 1812 1818 Adams Co Tax Roll;
1823 Marriage Record - Hinds Co;
Joy D. Willson -
ca. 1775 - 1850 Amite County, Ms 
ca. 1808
Alsey Drennan Augustus
b. 1810;
J.  (son). b. 1812;
Military service in the 
War of 1812;
Federal census Amite County MS 1810 & 1816;
Marriage records Amite County 
May 11, 1809 p.2;
William A. Morgan -
HOOTER, Michael 1727-1787 Awarded English Landgrant at Natchez in
1770.  Original document on file at MS Archives Dept.
Land was about 6 miles from the Fort, and located on Second Creed.
Mary Barbara Kemble Michael, m Nancy Lovelace;
Philip, m Genevieve Guillory;
Mary, m Hugh Bailey &  John Louis LaCaoix;
Joseph, m Sarah Clark;
Elizabeth, m John Jean Young;
Louis m Marie Louise Valdrick
All are named in his Succession Papers which were filed  in
Avoyelles Parish, LA, January 1, 1797.
He and his wife were natives of Germany. Came to MD/PA Area in the middle 1700s.   Settled in 
the Redstone Area
in disputed Indian Lands.  They were persuaded to move on to Natchez, 
along with a large 
company of English People.   Presummably 
they came down the MS River via Flatboat.
Succession Records  in Avoyelles Parish, LA, 1797;
MS Hist. Publication, Vol 5, 1925, page 26 for the Deposition of Daniel Huey, who traveled to the Natchez Area in April 1770, who visited with Michael Hooder and his Family & 5 children
Harold C. Fisher -
b. 1740
d. 1820
Wilkinson Co, MS Lucy Henry, Jr.
- - Julia Montfort -
Anthony P.
b. ca. 1725 
d. Nov, 1804
White Apple Village, 
a little south of present-day Natchez.  1773
Ann White b.  in NC:
Samuel, twin, 1768;
Mary, twin, 1768;
Thomas, ca. 1769;
Elizabeth M Celeste , ca. 1771;
b in Natchez District:
John, 1774;
Ann Nancy, 1776;
Magdalene Celeste, 1777;
Isabella Charlotte  1779;
Donna Celeste Isabella , 1781;
Born in NJ, Anthony Hutchins served as a 
British army officer
during the French and Indian Wars.  He moved to the Carolinas where he 
held political office & married.  He came to the Natchez District first in 
1772 and selected a home site at White Apple Village with the help of a Native American.  His family & others came back with him to the Natchez District in 1773.  Hutchins can be described as a speculator, 
a frontiersman, a planter, and as a public servant.  From growing subsistence food crops in the beginning, he later 
engaged in the growing of tobacco, then indigo, and finally cotton as cash crops.  The 1787 census shows him with 400 head 
of cattle, 30 horses, 200 hogs, & producing 30,000 lbs of tobacco & 4,000 bushels of corn.
Claiborne, J.F.H.   Mississippi As A Province, Territory, and State;
Hutchins, Jack Randolph.  Robert Hutchins of Colonial America, 1992:
Inglis, Gordon Douglas.  Master's thesis. Anthony Hutchins:  Early Natchez Planter,  1973.
Rowland, Dunbar.  History of Mississippi, The Heart of The South, 1925
Mary Gale Page -
- Adams Co-1798 Mary UKN Catherine;
- LDS records;
Natchez Court Records; 1767-1805-bk B land claims;
MS court Records 1799-1835;
Adams Co Mar records 1802-1818;
Julie Duncan/Wilbur -

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