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1747-1835 Natchez, Adams Co, 
Catherine Mayer John, Nov 1, 1771;
Sofia Jacoby (James) King, 
b about 1780;
Christianna (Anna);
Jacoby (James) Pierce, Oct 13, 1786;
Peter Jacoby (James), 
;Sep 23, 1789
Barbara Jacoby (James) Hook, birthdate unknown
Bartholomew "Jacoby" served during the Revolutionary War 
signing the Oath of Allegiance before 
Justice Peter Spycker of Tulpehochen
Township on May 29, 1778 (Berks Co.)
Records Vol. 1, Book K, page 29), Berks Co, PA>
A month after arriving in Natchez, Sofia married John McGinty, the owner
of the boat on which they came down the river.  One month later he died,
and on January 18, 1801, she married Jessie King.  The marriage is
recorded at the Adams County Courthouse in Natchez, MS.  Their
marriage is one of the earliest on record.
David Fletcher -
b. ca 1765;
d.  Sept. 27, 1833, Claiborne Co. MS
By 1791, he was in the Natchez Dst; 
in 1792 in Villa Gayosa, Coles Creek;
in 1803-1816 Jefferson Co. MS;
by 1820-1830 in Claiborne Co. MS
Eva/Eve b. 1765 VA William F. b. June 7, 1794, Jefferson Co. MS m.Sarah Simmons;
James b. ca 1795-1800, Jefferson Co. MS, m. Margaret Stevenson;
Jesse b. 1799, Jefferson Co. MS
m. Sarah Gibson, Julia Ann Miller Torrey;
David b. bef. 1800, Jefferson Co. MS, m. Lucinda Cooper, Nancy Reeves;
Sally (Sarah) b. bef. 1800,  Jefferson Co. MS, m. John W. Slater;
Peggy (Margaret) b. ca 1800, Jefferson Co. MS m. Paul Roberts;
Jonathan b. bet. 1800-1810, Jefferson Co. MS married Amanda S. Griffing, dau. of Robert Griffing and Elizabeth Shaw;
George Washington, Jr., b. bet. 1801-1810, Jefferson Co. MS, m.
Harriet M. Griffing, dau. of Robert Griffing and Elizabeth Shaw;
Pheobah "Phoebe" "Fereby" b. bef. 1810, Jefferson Co. MS m.
William Gowen, Joseph Wax;
Mary "Polly" b. bef. 1810, Jefferson Co. MS, m. Jaimes Bailess;
Thomas  b. bef. 1810, Jefferson Co. MS;
Malinda b. ca 1818, Jefferson or Claiborne Co. MS, m. Jesse Cason;
Planter 1791 present in district according to testimony given in Natchez Court Records, Book F, pgs. 303-04;
1792 Spanish census-Jorge (George) Jones-Villa Gayosa (Coles' Creek);
1798-1799  Persons Taking Oath of Allegiance to US;
1802 Petitioner List- MS Territory;
1803  Jefferson Co.MS Deed Book A-2;
July 30 1803 registered brand;
1805 Jefferson Co. MS-1 white male over 21, 4 white males under 21, 4 females;
1807-Register of Land Office West of Pearl River- 640 acres on Coles'
Creek (donation grant) Date of order of survey or settlement-March 30, 1798/ adverse British claim of Augustine Prevost settled in favor of
George Jones;
By 1820 and 1830, he is listed in the census in adjoining Claiborne Co;
His will in Will Book A in Claiborne Co. dated Sept. 12, 1833 lists his
wife and children. 
He died Sept. 27, 1833 in Claiborne Co. MS.
Sue Burns Moore -
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