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Jean Claude
b. abt 1742 
d. 9-9-1797
Jean and his family first show up in Natchez Ms. on May 28, 1786.  He is listed on the census of 1792 in the Santa Catalina District. Marquerite D'Lestage Catherine married Louis Sessions;
Anthony Joseph married Nancy Wrinkle;
Marquerite married John Bacon;
Suzanne married Andre Gill
Mary Gertrude married John Wilson
- This family is listed on the District of Santa
Catalina, Natchez District of the Mississippi Territory Census of 1792(Spanish Record). Tax Rolls of Natchez 1792.  Various land deeds and
sales are found in the County Court House and wills for both Jean and Marquerite.  The later records are located in a back room in the Spanish Records area.  A folder exists also in this court house with various pieces of documents.  Receipt for funeral arrangements, diggin grave, etc...
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Newit, Rev.
b. March 17, 1766
d. Aug. 5, 1819
Arrived in MS Territory in 1805.
Settled in the Selserstown area 
near Coles Creek.  Purchased 
several other tracts, lastly 
settling at Open Woods in what 
later became Warren County. 
Laid out and began selling city 
lots at Vicksburg, which was 
named in his honor.
Elizabeth Clark 
(April 15, 1772-
Aug. 5, 1819)
Hartwell W., b. 1792
  m. Sylviah C. Cook;
Sarah C. b. 1794
  m. Rev. John Lane;
Ann A. b. 1794
  m. Dr. Robert Anderson 
Mary T.b. 1797 
  m. John Henderson;
Martha b. 1800;
Eliza W. b. 1801
  m. Col. Henry A. Morse;
Lucy W. b. 1803
   m. Col. John L. Irwin;
John W. b. 1806;
William b. 1807;
Matilda L. b. 1810
  m. Dr. Samuel D. McCray;
Amanda M. b. 1812
  m. Rev. Charles K. 
Emily F. b. 1815;
Newit H. b. 1819;.
Methodism in Mississippi, 
by John G. Jones;
Tombstone Inscriptions: 
Open Woods Cemetery, near Vicksburg, MS; Cedar
Hill Cemetery, Vicksburg, MS.
Vick Family Papers, 
Old Courthouse Museum, Vicksburg, MS.
Warren County, MS: 
Marriage, deed, probate, 
and tax records.
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