Year Built
Airlie  bef.1790 N end of Myrtle St., Natchez, Adams Co. >Don Jose Vidal 
>Don Estaban Minor
>A. H. Buckner
>Ayers Merrill
Arlington  1816 - >Jane Surget White -
Auburn, 1812  1812 400 Duncan Ave, Natchez, Adams County >Judge Lyman Harding 
>Dr. Stephen Duncan

[Designed by Levi Weeks]

Harding was the first Attorney General of the MS Territory, and of the State. 
After the death of Dr. Duncan, the Duncan heirs donated the house and 210 acres to the city of Natchez, in 1911. 
Briars (The) 1814-1818 31 Irving Lane Natchez, Adams Co. - Jefferson Davis and Varina Howell were married here in 1845
Causey/Causley Homeplace 1809 Amite Co. - -
Cherokee   ca. 1794-1810 - >Jesse Greenfield (1810) 
>David Mitchie
Cherry Grove ca 1788 - >Pierre Surget and Catharine Hubbard -
Connelly's Tavern 1775 - >Pat Connelly -
Conti House about 1785 207 S. Wall St. Natchez, Adams Co. - -
Cottage Garden  1793-4 816 Myrtle Ave, Natchez, Adams Co. >Don Jose Vidal
>Foster family
Coyle House  1793 307 South Wall Street, Natchez, Adams Co. >Don Gayosa 
>Hugh Coyle
Dixie  1795 - >Maurice Stackpoole 
>Samuel Davis in 1828 (older brother of Jefferson Davis.)
Elgin Plantation  ca 1792 On 25 acres, at 81 Dunbar Road, Natchez, Adams Co. >Dr. John Carmichael Jenkins, horticulturist 
>Sir William Dunbar
Ellislee  ca 1800 - >Aaron Killingsworth Ellis -
Elms (The)  ca 1785 -1804 Washington & Pine Streets, Natchez, Adams Co. >Don Pedro Piernas or >William Barland -
Elms Court  ca 1810 - - -
Evansview  ca 1790 - - -
Fair Oaks  ca 1800 - >Jesse Carter and Sarah Canhard 
>daughter Lydia Carter and George Poindexter
Gibson Home Ca 1805 Port Gibson, Claiborne Co. >Samuel Gibson -
Glenfield 1814 Canal Street, Natchez, Adams Co. - Dates from a Spanish land grant.  Oldest building 1814;  others added in phases.
Gloucester  ca 1799 - >David Williams 
>Winthrop Sargent
Governor Holmes House 1794 207 S. Wall St., Natchez, Adams Co. >Governor Holmes Gov. Holmes was the last MS Territory governor, and the first governor of the state of MS.
Griffith-McComas Home  ca. 1794 - >Leonard Pomet 
>Rev. Daniel Smith 
> John and William Griffith
Hawthorne  ca 1814 - >Jonathan Thompson -
Holly Hedges  1796 - >Don Juan Scott 
>Judge Edward Turner
Hope Farm  1775-1789 - >Marcus Hoiler 
>Don Carlos de Grand 
Built by Marcus Iler.  Hoiler is the Spanish spelling and is incorrect.  Name sometimes spelled Oiler, Eiler, Hailer, Jyler,  but itís actually Iler.
Submitted by Holmes Sturgeon
Don Carlos de Grand was a Spanish governor
House on Ellicott's Hill (The) ca 1798 211 N Canal St, Natchez, Adams Co. >Maj. Andrew Ellicott Built on site where, in 1797, Maj.Ellicott, on orders from George Washington, defied Spanish authority and raised the American flag for the first time in the Lower MS Valley. 
Jefferson Military College 1802 - - -
King's Tavern bef 1789 - >Constant King -
Linden  ca 1800 1 Linden Place -
Off Melrose Ave., Natchez, Adams Co.
1818-1840, ? 
>Thomas B. Reed 
>Mrs. Jane Gustine Conner (1849)
>Mrs. Margaret Conner Martin
>Mrs. Percy Quinn
Reed was the first elected US Senator from MS.
Current residents are the sixth generation of the Conner family to reside there. 
Mercer House ca 1815 S. Wall & State Streets, Natchez, Adams Co. - -
Mistletoe  1807 On old Selsertwon Rd near Edgewood, Adams Co. >John Bisland  Built as honeymoon cottage for son Peter Bisland and his bride Barbara Foster on a Spanish land grant.
Monmouth  ca 1818 36 Melrose Ave Natchez, Adams Co. >John Hankinson 
>Gov. John A. Quitman
See also:
History of Monmouth Plantation
Mount Locust ca 1780 - - -
Mt. Repose ca 1810 Pine Ridge Road, Adams Co. >John Bisland -
Old Commercial Bank Building about 1810 206 Main St., Natchez, Adams Co. - -
Old Spanish House 1796 S. Wall & Washington St. Natchez, Adams Co - Constructed of Brick & Stucco
Parish House of San Salvadore 1786 Market St. Natchez, Adams Co. - -
Pleasant Hill ca 1803 Currently on Pearl St. Natchez, Adams Co. - Moved to Pearl St. from it's original location
Priest Home  ca 1783 - >Father Lennan -
Richmond  1784-1832-1860 - - Built in three stages.
Routhland  ca 1817 - >Baron Carondelet 
>Job Routh 
>John Routh
Saragossa  between 1769- 
- >David Williams -
Scott Home  1796 - >Andrew Marchalk  Built for his daughter Jane Elenore Marchalk Scott on the occasion of her wedding
Springfield  ca 1790 Jefferson Co. >Thomas Green, ?marriage of Andrew Jackson and Rachel Donelson Robards -
Texada  1792 - >Don Manuel Texada  Meeting place of Territorial Legislature
Towers (The)  bef. 1818 - - -
Twin Oaks  1812 - >Lewis Evans
>Mother Cornelia Connelly (1832-1835)
Evans was a sherriff of the MS Territory.
Mother Connelly was the foundress of the Society of the Holy Child Jesus
Villa Lombardo  ca 1805 - - (Now antique store-has 13 rooms on both levels)
Wigwam  bef. 1790 - - -

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