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     On October 14, 2000, the U.S. 23 overpass at Highway 460 was dedicated and named The Jenny Sellards Wiley Memorial Overpass.  The entire ceremony was video taped along with a tour of the cave where Jenny was held captive down at Little Mud Lick Falls.
     As an added attraction, you will see a short re-enactment by the drama students from Johnson Central High School under the direction of Ronnie Dee Blair (who portrays Matthias Harmon in the tape) all in costume and walking the very same trails that Jenny and her Indian Captors trod more than 200 years ago.

     Also included is the Wreath Laying Memorial Service held the following day, at Jenny’s grave at River, Kentucky.

     Finally, there is a beautiful rendition of Native American flute music performed at Jenny’s grave by Ichael Samuels.  The tape is over an hour long, and is a “must” for any Jenny Wiley Association member or enthusiast.

     To order your copy of Jenny Wiley – A Tribute, just make out a check or money order for $25.00 to Ronnie Blair, and mail it to:
Wildwood Video Productions
P.O. Box 1948

Paintsville, Kentucky 41240
     Please designate “Jenny Wiley Video” on the check, and allow 2 to 4 weeks for Delivery.


Not hardly.....  Jim and I had the pleasure of reviewing the Tribute to Jenny Wiley video which Ronnie Blair has produced and now has for sale with half the proceeds coming back to the Association.  I’m really not technical-minded but even I can see the difference in the use of digital equipment.  This is truly a great story and a quality production that we, as an Association, can be proud of.

He has divided the video into chapters, starting with the dedication ceremony of The Jenny Sellards Wiley Memorial Overpass.  For those of you who were there, get ready for that sweep of emotion taking you back as you once again experience the feeling of pride in your great heritage. How can anyone not be moved by the compelling speeches made that day in honor of your progenitor? From the Posting of Colors and 21-gun salute, through the moving performance of our National Anthem, through the various Proclamations which were read, and especially the inspirational Dedication Address given by Betty Hazelett. . .folks, you’ve got a lot to be proud of...Whoops, back on track, Bertha...

After the ceremony, Ronnie led those who were able and wanted to go, to the Jenny Wiley Cave at Little Mud Lick Falls and there is some beautiful footage there. For you who have not yet been there, and may never be able to see it, this is a great opportunity. After I saw the video, I just had to go myself!

On Sunday, he filmed our dinner at the River Development club, at which there was a tribute speech done for Bob Small and we were entertained by Bernie Lowe playing the dulcimer. The feeling of reverence followed us up the hill to the gravesite where Prock Conley’s prayer and Bernie’s rendition of Amazing Grace floated out over the hillside.

In addition, Ronnie had taken part in Heritage Days with the Johnson County School system where he, dressed as “Tice” Harmon led the children down to the Cave and Falls, only to be attacked by indians trying once again to capture Jenny. Wait till you see the looks on those children’s faces as they experience for the first time the sound of a black powder gun and the excitement as they watch Tice engage in a battle with the indians and rescue Jenny.

Did I mention the music.. .this is not “JUST A VIDEO”...but truly a fine production with background music and, folks, wait until you see the end. Can I tell them how it ends, Ronnie? Can I, Ronnie, please, please...oh,’ll just have to watch the movie...

-Bertha Daniels

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