Inhabitants of Mississippi in 1816 Claiborne County

Source:  Dunbar Rowland's MS Official and Statistical Register, pub. in 1915. 
Submitted by Sue Burns Moore sbmoore@swbell.net

Note: Taken from The Official and Statistical Register of the State of Mississippi, Centennial Edition, 1917, by Dunbar Rowland, Director of the Department of Archives and History, printed in Madison, Wisconsin, by the Democrat Printing Company, pages 85-89.

Take caution in using a search feature with this material.This census taker, William Bridgers, assessor of Claiborne County, often spelled phonetically; consequently, common given names such as Henry, Rebecca. Patrick and Richard are consistently misspelled in this document.Also, he may have spelledthe same surname in different ways, such as Rundell andRundall.In addition, the transcriber may have made mistakes, too, copying from and trying to interpret his original. 

Heads of families
Heads of Families
William Rush
Alex. Armstrong
Moses Jones
Ignacious Flowers
John Calhoun
James McDonall
Reuben Stelly
John Brock
Elijah Clarke
Wm. Williams
David Davis
Joseph Bullard
Samuel Mason
James Hutchins
Wm. Mathews
Benj. Adear
Joseph Mathews
Henry Stiner
Saml. Goodwin
Thomas Grubs
Richmond Shuffield 
Margaret McHay
Wm. Goodwin
James Dennis
Wm. Moore
Spencer Adams
Benj. Kitchens
Lot Mason
Demspsey White
End page 85
Wm. Brisco
Thomas Clark
Martin Cooper
Darby Haney
James Sims
Casander Haney
John Briscoe
Polly McKey
Darius Hamilton
Jeremiah Miller
John Dennis
Wm. Cox
Phillip Alston
Reuben Ceasar
Henery G. Johnson
Aaron Cox
Larkin White
Josiah Flowers
Devanport Wiseman
Lydia Aron
Walter Leake
John Cook
Charles P. Coleman
Mary Thrakill
Robert M. Coleman
Julas Battis
James Watson
James D. Pickett
Elisha Flowers, Jr.
Wm. Cooper
Elisha Flowers, Sr.
Wm. Kilcrease
James Barland
Robert Guy
Ralph Ragan
John McEhern
Joseph Briggs
Ann Brashears
Adam Gordon
Shadrick Brown
Benj. Shields
Joseph Montgomery
Thomas Going
Eli Tharp
Saml. Going
Wm. Sorrels
John Gibson
Bumbary Scott
Abel Welson
Alexr. Brunt
Mabourn Cooper
Stephen Miller
Moses Shelby
Joshua Saxton
Reuben White
Wm. B. Minor
Gideon Foster
Nancy Mitchell
Simeon Holliday
Stephen Jones
James McHelwee
George W. Humphreys
Eden Brashears
Henery Oxendine
Elias Fisher
Andrew Mundall
David Ellison
Thomas Barnes
Rebeka Brazeal
Peter Lyon
Martha Willis
Wm. Carson
Martha Sea
Nancy Wooldridge
Wm. Rains
Gibson Clark, Jr.
John Robinson
Amelia Wadkins
Benja. Mitchell
Thompson White
Dansel Lyon
Saml. Dawcy (Dorsey)
D. F. January
John W. Thompson
James Gerson
George Jennings
End of page 86
Jeremiah Watson
Seth Rundall
Thomas Farrar
David Lea
Joab Thompson
Joseph Wilds
Frisby Freeland
John Calvit
Nancy Bryce
John Calvit
Andy Stephens
Wm. Taylor
Harmon Blennerhasset
Lewis Clarke
Elizabeth Cotton
Nahun Chunn
Mathew Lord
Stephen Bellinor
John Murdock
J. G. Clarke
David McCaleb
E. Frasier
Jonathan McCaleb
George Arnold
James McCaleb
Wm. Helley
James Gragg
Michael Snyder
Elijah Clarke
Elijah Bland
Ann Gibson
Hector McNeil
Gilbert Fife
Wm. Wright
John H. Truly
Daniel Vertner
Cader Perves
Patterick Catterson
James Davenport
Nelson White
Wm. Tanner
Levi Thompson
Wm. Thompson
Rebeka Wood
Lewalen Price
Joel Moss
Thomas W. Cagen
Ambers Marbell
John Read
Mary Lobdall
Robert Jordan
Henery Haney
Thomas Mullins
Rebeka Jones
Wm. Pope
Gibson Clarke
Elizabeth Wheelis
Saml. Parkes
Daniel Burnet
Charles Brooks
Isaac Bland
James Hudnall
Saml. Gibson
Wm. Brooks
Joseph Moore
Benjamin Brooks
Joseph Nicolls
Waterman Crane
Saml. Coban
James Corbit
Willis Brazeal
Debraugh Hartly
Jonathan Conger
Joshua Rundall
David Smith
Josiah Rundell
David Christian
James Foster
Reuben McGinty
Benja. Beard
Lydia McGinty
John Gragg
Isaac Randle
Jacob Secrease
Cheleon F. Stiles
Wm. C. Bucky
End of page 87
Celiah Smith
James Beard
Saml. Cox
Saml. Ragsdale
Shem Thompson
John Orr
James Smith
Archad. Irwin
Wm. Christie
Wm. Irwin
Lewis Evans
Ann Dannels
James Harmon
Thomas Morris
John W. Thompson
Wm. Wells
Wm. Scott
John Petterson
Armsted Sharp
Jacob Beard
Nancy Fife
George Beard
James Sanders 
Wm. Harris
Robert S. Caldwell
Jacob Phillips
Person B. Griffin
Benja. Robinson
Thomas Shelby
Charles Taylor
Richerd Wenters
Charles Booth
Richerd Gradock
Abram Green
Thomas Park
Saml. Lum
Robert Patton
Philip Thurman
Wm. Robinson
Francis Patton
John Michele
Gal. Weatherington
James Patton
James Booth
James Davenport
James Sorrels
Phyla Newman
Ramon Robinson
Parmenas Briscoe
Andrew Hathorne
Wm. Willis
Thomas Long
Harrison Person
Abram Barnes
Abner Wilkinson
Mary Bullock
Asa German
Ausburn Jeffers
Wm. Dunn 
Esther Barnes
Robert Moore
Etherine Evans
Spencer Foster
Ezekial Evans
Turner B. Brashears
Benja. Baker
Charles Patterson
Hezekiah Harmon
Levi Norrell
Benja. Smith
Sarah Robinson
David Hunt
Pheby Tearny
Samuel Loring
Joel Lyming
Estate of James Archer
Henery Parr
Isaac Ross
John Falls
Helon McCollister
John Robinson
Saml. Carman
Harwood Jones
Daniel McCollister
Isaac Powers
Wm. Harvey
John Matthews
Catherine McMellon
End of page 88
Pheba Alford
Peter S. Vandorn
Alexr. McAlpin
Wm. Scott
Joshua Gary
Patterick Brown
George Taunyhill
Walter Sorrels
Ira Powell
William Simmons
John Weeks
John Ammons
Benjamin Carlile
William Bridgers
End of page 89

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