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World War I Service Men and Women from Adams County, Mississippi

Extracted from Names Engraved on Memorial Hall Plaques, Natchez.

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LAMBDIN, Samuel M. Pvt. ROTH, T. Joseph Sgt.
LANEHART, Leslie F. 2/CL ROUFF, John S. Capt.
LANNEAU, L, Palber Corp. ROUSE, John Pvt.
LAZARUS, Willie C. Pvt. SALVO, Emile Pvt. 1/CL
LEMKOWITZ, David Maj. SALVO, Natale A. Sgt.
LEMKOWITZ, Julius Sgt. SALVO, Orlando Sgt.
LILLIORUP, James Pvt. SALZMAN, Charles Pvt.
LILLY, John C.  Lt. M.C. SALZMAN, Maurice Pvt.
LIMERICK, John A. C.S.K. SAMUELS, Frank 2nd. Lt.
LIMERICK, Richard Conner Capt. SAMUELS, Henry . Sgt.
LOTT, Shirley D. Corp. SANDEL, Henry A. Corp.
LOWENBURG, Isaac Capt. SANFORD, Charles M. Pvt. 1/CL
*LOWENBURG, Samuel B. A.S. SANFORD, Frederick W. ENS.
MAHONEY, David F. Pvt. SANGUINETTI, John, Jr. 2nd. Lt.
MAHONEY, Ford Pvt. SARABON, Israel J. 1st. Lt.
MAHONEY, William R.  Pvt. SCHARFF, Aaron 2nd. Lt.
MARCHAND, Earl Corp. SCHARFF, David L. Pvt.
MARKS, Harry C.  Pvt. SCHARFF, Isaac, Jr. Pvt.
MARKS, Lovick F. Y. 1/CL SCHARFF, Maurice R. Capt.
MARTIN, Howard Charles Pvt. SCHIELE, Katesby Edward Chf. Engr.
MARTIN, Lewis R., Jr.  Pvt. SCHUCHS, James Lennie Pvt.
MARTIN, William T. 1st. Lt. SCHWARTZ, David Pvt.
MAY, Thomas W. Pvt. SESSIONS, J. Ferd 2nd. Lt.
MAYER, Claude A. Sgt. *SHARPE, Joseph H. Capt. Avtr.
McAULIFFE, Martin ELEC. SHARPE, Louis K., Jr. Pvt.
McCABE, Wiliam G. Pvt. SHAW, Arther R. Sgt.
*McCEARLEY, Andrew J. Pvt. SHAW, J. E. 1st. Lt.
McCEARLEY, John B. Capt. SHIELDS, Deverex Sgt.
McCLURE, Charles E. Pvt. SHIELDS, James K. Sgt.
McCLURE, Rensalear E. Sgt. SHIELDS, Katherine A.R.C.
McCRORY, Preston Sea. SIMON, David Pvt.
McDANIEL, J. H. Pvt. SLOAN, Kenneth H. Pvt.
McLAIN, Louis B. Pvt. SMITH, Arlie Pvt.
McLEAN, Clyde F. Pvt. SMITH, Harry M. 1st. Lt. M.C.
McLEMORE, Carl Pvt. SMITH, L. Aldrich F. 3/CL
McLEOD, John S. Sea. 2/CL SMITH, Thomas R. Pvt.
McNEELY, Blake 1st. Lt. SMYTHE, Christopher M. WAC.
McNEIL, C. H. Corp. SNEED, James W. Pvt.
McNEIL, Henry Sgt. SPENCER, Jesse L. 2nd. Lt.
McPHATE, James L. Sgt. SPENCER, Joseph A. Sgt.
McPHEETERS, J. D. Laurance Capt. M.C. SPENCER, Joseph K. Sgt.
MEADOR, E. E.  Sea. SPICUZZA, Anthony Mus.
MEADOR, F. C. Pvt. SPLAIN, Benjamin R. Pvt.
MEADOW, James C. F. H. Sgt. STACKS, William M. R. Pvt.
MEATH, John A. Corp. STEITENROTH, Andrew Sea.
MEATH, Thomas John Sea. STEWART, Marion G. 2nd. Lt.
MERRILL, Aaron S. Lt. Comdr. STEWART, Oliver N. Corp.
MERRILL, Ray Sgt. STEWART, Robert Percy Capt.
METCALFE, E. Conrad Mid. *STEWART, William Sgt.
METALFE, S. Chopin Sgt. STRATTON, Sideny V. Capt.
MILLER, J. Balfour Pvt. STROUD, Louis A. Pvt.
MILLER, R. Bayard Pvt. 1/CL STUTZMAN, Spencer G. Sgt.
MINCEE, William E. Pvt. THOMAS, A. Pvt.
MOCK, Engle 2nd. Lt. THOMAS, G. Pvt.
MOCK, Otis Pvt. THOMAS, John A. (?) Pvt.
MONTEITH, Stephen M.A. 1/CL TICKELL, B. Pvt.
MONTGOMERY, Robert L. Maj. TILDSLEY, J. Marron Maj.
MONTGOMERY, Sylvester M. Sgt. TOOMEY, Earl Sgt.
MORRIS, Ivy L. 2nd. Lt. TIMBLE, Warren B. Sea.
MOUNCER, Edwin J. Pvt. TUCCIO, Sam Pvt.
MURPHY, John J. Corp. TURNER, Allen W. Pvt.
MURRAY, Leslie Pvt. ULLMAN, Jacob S. Maj. M.C.
NETTERVILLE, Paul Corp. ULLMAN, Max M., Jr. Sgt.
NEWELL, Carrol H.  Capt. UNDERWOOD, Frank Pvt. 1/CL
NEWMAN, Harry N. Sgt. *VENN, Emma Eugene Wensel A.R.C.
NICHOLE, James Pvt. VENTRESS, Lawrence T. 1st. Lt.
NIX, Joseph Pvt. VENTRESS, Leslie Pvt.
O'FARRELL, Thomas MUS 1/CL VIENER, Rudolph, Jr. Pvt.
OLIVER, James R. Pvt. VOOS, Thomas Pvt.
OWENS, John W. Pvt. WADSWORTH, Daniel V. Capt.
OWINGS, Harry P. Pvt. WALCOTT, Charles E. Sgt. Maj.
OWINGS, Jackson H. F. 1/CL WALCOTT, Richard A. Corp.
PACAMO, Tony WAC. WALCOTT, Robert V. Pvt.
PACE, Otis Pvt. WALKER, B. W. Pvt.
PANTOLIANO, Thomas Sgt. WALTERS, J. Eugene Corp.
PARDEE, Morton F. Pvt. 1/CL WALTON, O. K. 2nd. Lt.
PARHAM, Archer S. Sgt. WARD, James H. 1st. Lt.
PARHAM, Fenner Corp. WARD, Merritt W. Pvt. 1/CL
PARHAM, Fred W. Corp. WATKINS, McDonald Capt. M.C.
PARKER, Joseph W. Pvt. WATSON, John R. Sgt.
PARKER, R. Hicks Pvt. 1/CL WELCH, Charlie M. A.R.C.
PARSELL, Daniel Pvt. WELCH, Ruth M. A.R.C.
PARSELL, James Pvt. WEST, C. Whitney Pvt.
PASSAVANTI, Samuel Pvt. *WEST, Howell F. 1st. Lt.
PATTERSON, Andrews H. Maj. WHEELER, W. A. Britton Sgt. Maj.
PATTERSON, Charles F.  2nd. Lt. WHITAM, Charles Sgt.
PATTERSON, James L. Pvt. WHITAM, Clarence Corp.
PERCY, Robert T. Pvt. WHITAM, Julius Pvt.
PERRAULT, Robert E. Sgt. WHITE, T. Francis Sgt.
PERRAULT, Thomas Pvt. WHITE, Thomas Sgt.
PHELAN, John Pvt. WHITNEY, Erle F. Capt.
PHELAN, Michael P. 2nd. Lt. WIGGINS, Roland Corp.
PHELAN, Thomas Pvt. WILCOX, Vernon Pvt.
PHILLIPS, J. Turner Corp. WILDS, Charles 1st. Sgt.
PLITT, Louis Pvt. WILDS, O. Newton Sgt.
PODESTA, Augustine J. Maj. M.C. WILLIAMS, Davis Y. Pvt.
PODESTA, Julius  Pvt. WILLIAMS, Edgar J. Pvt.
POWELL, Daniel Corp. WILLIS, Charles B. Sgt.
POWELL, James T. Corp. WILLIS, Wickliffe Corp.
PRICKETT, Herberty V. Pvt. WILSON, Hall W. Pvt.
PRICHARTT, W. Howard  Pvt. 1/CL WINCHESTER, E. Kempe 1st. Lt.
PURNELL, Clement Corp. WINDHAM, Willie E. Pvt.
QUARTERMAN, George Thomas Pvt. *WINN, Robert G.(?) Pvt.
QUINN, Alphonse Pvt. WOOD, Charles F. 2nd Lt.
RABB, Lev. L. Pvt. WOOD, George . Pvt.
RATCLIFF, C. Lee Sgt. WOOD, Robert Y. Pvt.
RATCLIFF, Hall Pvt. WORLEY, Elmer Pvt.
REBER, Leicester Capt. WORLEY, Lee Pvt.
REBER, William Pvt. YOUNG, Walter D. Pvt.
REDDING, Howard J. Pvt. ZUCCARO, Augustine Pvt.
REGISTER, John A. Sgt. ZURHELLEN, Joseph O. Pvt.
*REMONBET, Herbert J. Pvt. ZUZAK, Friedler, J.  Corp.
RICE, Lee Pvt. - -
RICHARDSON, Edwin A. Pvt. - -
RICHARDSON, (N, H, W?) R. Pvt. - -
ROBERTS, Clarence P. Pvt. - -
ROBERTS, E. D. Corp. - -
RODRIDGUES, John L.  Pvt. - -
ROGILLIO, Douglas S. Pvt. - -
ROGILLIO, Walter S. Pvt. - -
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