From Publications The Mississippi Historical Society, Vol. VIII, 
Edited by Franklin L. Riley, Secretary
Published Oxford, Mississippi 1904

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From the Author:
For years the writer supposed that he was the only worker in the Mississippi Indian field—a lame toiler in a mighty expanse! Recent days have demonstrated others in the Choctaw part of the work, one, a specialist, but the Chickasaw investigation lags. Much could yet be done—much should be done and done quickly ‘ere Oblivion sets her fatal and final seal on all investigation. 

No Indian tribe in the South, certainly none in our beloved Mississippi, has a richer martial history than the Chickasaw. Bancroft calls them “the most interpid warriors of the South.” It is well known that they gave shelter to the hunted Natchez, flying from the vengeful French, and, in later times, even to Whites, such as refugee Tories, hounded by their own kith and kin. Time after time they met the Bourbon and caused the lilies of France to trail in the dust. 

Let us no longer neglect their history during the time they dwelt east of the Mississippi. One heritage they left us: their beautiful names, which linked to our hills and streams remain as mementoes of the never conquered race. It is a pleasure to record in Clio’s blotted book that already they are a great people in the West and a worthy component part of the giant nation in whose veins flow so many diverse bloods,—the giant whose mighty hands touch the gates of Asia.

Chickasaw Chiefs and Prominent Men

Mooleshawskek - Wolf's Friend

The Colbert Brothers

William Colbert - Chooshemataha

George Colbert - Tootemastubbe

Levi Colbert - Itawamba Mingo/Minco

James Colbert - Major Colbert

William McGillivray - Co-a-ho-mah 
and Samuel Seeley (Isaac Albertson)

Thomas Love

Ish-te-ho-pa, the King


James Brown


John Glover

Chickasaw Bill

Billy Campbell

Creek Billy - Bit-Lip-Billy

Queen Puc-caum-la - Puck-ah-la

John McLish [McCleish]

Simon Burney

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