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Main Street, Natchez

Transcribed by Sarah and Bob Shumway

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The original ordinance requiring this census to be taken required that the enumerators report their results in alphabetical sequence. The books provided insufficient pages to record all names of the same beginning letter together in some cases. The enumerators added the extra names to the end of some other letter.

For ease in locating a surname, MSGenWeb has attempted to sort all names by the first letter of the surname, but the names within a given letter boundry are not fully alphabetized. Therefore, use of the "Find" tool on your browser is recommended in locating a surname.



1. An Ordinance to provide for the taking of censuses of the City of Natchez

2. Census records for the North Surburan district:

3. Census records for the South Surburan district: 4. Census records for the 1st Ward: 5. Census records for the 2nd Ward: 6. Census records for the 3rd Ward: 7. Census records for the 4th Ward: 8. Presentation of final comprehensive recapitulation to board of Mayor and Aldermen

An Ordinance

To Provide for Taking Censuses of the City of


Section 1. Be it ordained by the mayor and board of aldermen of the City of Natchez, in council convened, that a census of the population and industry of the City of Natchez and the suburban district lying between the present corporate boundaries and the former limits as established by the act of April 17th, 1871, shall be taken on or for the first Monday of August, A.D., 1886, and on or for the first Monday of August, A. D., 1895, and every tenth year thereafter.

Section 2. Be it further ordained, That immediately after the passage of this ordinance, the board of mayor and aldermen shall elect one enumerator for each ward of said city and two for said suburban district, whose terms of office shall continue for one year from date of such election and whose compensation shall be three cents for each inhabitant and twenty-five cents for each religious, benevolent, educational and industrial institution enumerated and returned, which shall be in full compensation for all services rendered or expenses incurred in the discharge of the duties herein prescribed. Each enumerator, before entering upon the discharge of his duties, shall take and subscribe, before the mayor or some other officer authorized to administer oaths, the following oath or affirmation:

I, _______ _______, an enumerator for taking the census of the City of Natchez for the year ____ do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will make a true and exact enumeration of all the inhabitants within the ward or division assigned to me, and will also faithfully collect all other statistics therein as provided for in the ordinance for taking said census, and will make due and correct returns thereof as required by said ordinance. So help me God.

(Signed) _____ _____.

Section 3. Be it further ordained, that it shall be the duty of each enumerator, after being qualified in the manner aforesaid, to visit personally each dwelling house in his ward or district, and each family therein, and each individual living out of a family in any place of abode, and each religious, benevolent educational or industrial institution, and, by inquiry made of the head of each family, or the member thereof deemed most credible and worthy of trust, or of such individual living out of a family, and of the president, chief officer, superior, principal, general agent or manager of any such institution, to obtain each and every item of information and all the particulars contemplated by this act as of said first Monday of August of the census year, and to make entry of such information and particulars with pen and ink, upon and in accordance with such forms and schedules as may be prescribed as hereinafter provided; and in case the enumerator shall be unable to find the respective persons above mentioned it shall be lawful for him to obtain the required information from the best and most reliable sources.

Section 4. Be it further ordained, that the enumeration required by this ordinance shall commence on the first Monday of August of this and each census year, and be taken as of that date, and each enumerator shall prosecute the canvass of his sub-division from that date forward on each week day without intermission, except for sickness or other urgent cause, and any unnecessary cessation of his work shall be sufficient ground for his removal and the appointment of another person in his place.

It shall be the duty of each enumerator to complete the enumeration of his ward or district and to fill up the forms and schedules furnished hereunder and forward the same, with a recapitulation thereof, all duly certified as true and correct, as his returns under this ordinance, to the city clerk on or before the first day of September of the census year.

Section 5. Be it further ordained that the enumeration and returns for each ward or district shall show:

First - The name, age sex, nativity and occupation of each inhabitant, the names to be alphabetically arranged.

Second - The number of houses and whether brick, frame or stone in structure, on what streets situated and for what purposes used, e.g. whether dwellings, stores, warehouses &c, and whether occupant is owner or renter.

Third - Churches and of what denomination, schools, and whether public or private, and number of pupils, orphan asylums and number of inmates thereof, benevolent and other public institution.

Fourth - Factories, mills and other manufacturing institutions, with names of the corporations, companies or individuals owning or conducting the same; names of business, manufacture or products; capital investment; greatest and average number of hands employed, and value of product.

Section 6. Be it further ordained, That immediately on the passage of this ordinance, and on or before the first day of July in each subsequent census year, the mayor shall appoint a special committee of three,whose duty it shall be to prescribe the forms, schedules and instructions which may be necessary for effecting the purposes of this ordinance and to superintend and direct the taking of said census.

Section 7. Be it further ordained, That it shall be the duty of the city clerk to furnish the enumerators with all necessary stationary; to deliver to them all forms, schedules, instructions and directions that may be prescribed by said committee; to receive the returns of said enumerators and to make a complete compilation thereof, and to file away and preserve the same in his office.

Section 8. Be it further ordained, that this ordinance shall take effect and be in force from and after its passage.

Ordained and published this 15th day of July, 1886,





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